Enrollment Process

Maple Tree Children’s Centre utilizes a few steps in order to enroll new families:

  1. Read through our parent handbook to find out what we offer and what to expect at Maple Tree Children’s Centre. (Downloadable under the “parent handbooks” tab)
  2. Connect with us via Facebook, email, or phone to ask any questions and to let us know your child’s age and what month you are interested in starting.
  3. Book a tour to view the space and meet the Educators.
  4. During the tour, fill out a registration form with your and your child’s information. (That is what gets you on the waitlist)
  5. Wait for a message from us that a space will be coming available.
  6. Reserve the space by paying  a deposit of half a month’s fees (which go towards your last month’s fees) by etransfer, cash, or cheque.
  7. Fill out all necessary forms and collect all items needed (a list can be found in the parent handbook under “items from home”)
  8. Pay first month’s fees by etransfer, cash, or post-dated cheques.
  9. Start gradual entry of your child in the daycare (learn more about how that works in the parent handbook and from your primary caregiver).