Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best through “play”, while experiencing the world around them. As early childhood educators, we believe our role is to provide a welcoming and safe setting, as we offer daily opportunities for early learning in all areas, including: self help skills, self confidence, and empathy for others. Our goal is to foster a child’s development as a whole (physical, intellectual, language, emotional, social) and life-long curiosity.

Some ways we do this include:

  • primary care givers and small group sizes
  • Expanding monthly themes (often child led)
  • Free play in age appropriate developmental areas (such as dramatic play, library, block areas, and sensory and art experiences)
  • Daily circle times (exploring science, language, social and community issues)
  • Outdoor play (discovery, make-believe, and gross motor development)
  • Community involvement (kinder-gym, drop-in groups)
  • Weekly music classes through the Victoria conservatory of music

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At Maple Tree Children’s Centre, we believe children have a natural curiosity, and that it is our job to give them opportunities to grow their innate sense of wonder and love for learning. Research has proven that children learn best by using all their senses. We endeavor to develop children as a whole (physically, intellectually, linguistically, emotionally, and socially) by providing learning opportunities utilizing all the senses, including touch (tactile), and movement (kinetic) on a daily basis.

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Some ways we do this include:

  • Early literacy program (songs, and hand motions for each letter sound)
  • Free play centres (hands-on science, sensory, and dramatic play etc.}
  • Turn-taking “circles” (show and tell, Q&A’s, literacy, music, gross motor)
  • Empathy program (virtues)
  • Tactile art classes with many recycled and natural materials.
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